If you have relocated out of state most likely you probably make a comment when you see someone that has a license plate from your previous state, or perhaps wearing some sports teams clothing from where you used to live.  There is a bond or connection that is formed just because you used to live in the same state as a complete stranger, sounds odd but it is true!

MovedFrom.com gives you a way to make that connection in a couple different ways:

  1. By giving them the ability to purchase stickers (and more merchandise planned) that they can display where they used to live, so people will know where you MovedFrom (Check out more detail behind the inspiration for this idea Here.)  * The Store will be unavailable until Mid February due to supply/design issues *
  2. Create a community for people to connect with and interact with others that have MovedFrom their state or other states.

Read More about MovedFrom.com, how to best utilize the site and the things that are planned for the future, by checking out the posts to the right